Instrument Systems Opt. Messtechnik GmbH

Company description

Instrument Systems fosters innovative products with the development of high-level light measurement technology. For many years, we have specialized in all-in-one systems for display measurement for all conceivable applications. Manufacturers of components and panels, integrators and renowned brand manufacturers of electronic devices all over the world use our extensive product portfolio. Instrument Systems’ display measurement solutions are established in labs for quality control, standing out with their measurement accuracy and precision. Moreover, our systems are widely used in production lines, convincing with short measurement times, automated 24/7 use and stability in the harsh production environment. They meet the strict requirements for optical tests of rapidly evolving display technologies. This includes display improvement, e.g. more saturated colors, higher resolution or more flexible form factors as well as new applications such as AR/VR and VCSEL.

Display Measurement Portfolio

With new technologies such as OLED and µLED, enabling new form factors, designs and applications, come challenging new measurement tasks. Displays, single components and panels must be objectively tested at all stages of the manufacturing process. This involves, among others, testing of uniformity and homogeneity of image content, flicker and switching times and influence of viewing direction on contrast/ color/ luminance. Instrument Systems has specialized in all-in-one systems for display measurement for all conceivable applications, used in the lab as well as in production lines. All systems simulate the human eye and provide fast and accurate measurements of the relevant test variables. Our portfolio includes e.g. measurement solutions with 2D imaging systems for automotive displays as well as a system combining a goniometer with a spectrometer and a photometer, which is perfectly suitable for measuring new technologies such as AR/VR.

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