temicon GmbH

The power of innovation

We are a worldwide mass producer of micro- and nanostructured roll imprint films, injection-molded parts, injection molding inserts and functional surfaces.

The company is a pioneer in lithographic production of micro- and nanostructures on large, seamless surfaces and replication by roll nanoimprint processing and injection molding.

temicon’s innovative products have found their way into numerous areas of applications:

Display technology
LED and OLED lighting
Solar technology
Medical and Environmental engineering

and many more.


We offer solutions for various display technologies for the following applications: Front Light Guides, Head-up Displays, Augmented Reality Diffusers.

Even for new technologies, like micro-LED, we supply the right components. For this, we have our own production lines to manufacture micro-structures and nano-structures.

Applications are:

  • Front Light Guide:

Front light guides are highly transparent lighting solutions for reflective displays

  • Backlight:

Backlight guides for small- and large-surface display applications

  • Head-up Display:

Micro- and nanostructures for beam paths in head-up displays

  • Diffusers:

Diffusers as holographic structure or microlens array

  • Waveguide Display:

AR display waveguide technology for augmented reality

  • New Display Technologies:

New display technologies — customer-specific structures, components and systems


A world without micro- and nanostructured optical components can hardly be imagined anymore. We delivery key components for 3D sensors, optical measurement technology and industrial automation to series customers worldwide.

Micro- and nanooptics make our customers’ optical systems more efficient, powerful and precise. Whether structured light, antireflection or solid angle filters, the applications for microoptical systems are very broad.

Applications are:

  • Wafer Level Optics:

Microoptic chips in large quantities at the wafer level

  • Solid Angle Selective Elements:

Angle partitioning for defined solid angles using ultra-thin film

  • AR-Moth Eye Structures:

Broadband antireflection over a wide angle with only one layer

  • Optical Grids:

Linear and cross grids from sub-micron to 1 m² surfaces

  • Precision Optical Parts:

Burr-free, high-precision components, such as slit and perforated sheets as an alternative to metal etching